Lung Function Testing for Asthma In Arizona

Lung Function Testing for Asthma

Your lung function is how well you can breathe. Lung function can be decreased with the presence of asthma, which needs a medical diagnosis in order to receive proper treatment for symptoms. Dr. Rishi at Arizona Allergy Associates can provide testing to confirm asthma and recommend treatment.

Types of Tests

A lung function test can be performed on patients that are experiencing symptoms of asthma. It can be administered before or after a bronchodilator has been inhaled, which opens the airways and improves lung function. A bronchodilator will ease symptoms and help breathing become more steady for patients with asthma.


This test is recommended for individuals that are seeking confirmation of asthma in family members and loved ones. The patient will breathe into a mouthpiece connected to a spirometer. The spirometer measures how much air is taken in and let out, which can indicate the presence of asthma.

Peak Flow Meter

This is a type of test that uses a peak flow meter, which a handheld device that measures the rate of air being forces out of the lungs. Patients will breathe deeply and then blow as hard as possible. These devices can be used to monitor your asthma over time.

FeNO Test

This test is also known as the exhaled nitric oxide test. It measures inflammation in the lungs, which occurs in patients with asthma. Nitric oxide is produced when the airways are swollen or inflamed, making this test an excellent way for doctors to measure the severity of inflammation.

Provocation Test

If you’ve had normal results yet still experience symptoms and indicators of asthma, then your doctor will need to test your reactions in a controlled setting. If you do not have asthma, your body will not react to any of the low dose asthma stimulators that are introduced to you.

If you’re concerned about yourself or a loved one being diagnosed with asthma, visit Dr. Rishi at Arizona Allergy Associates to get tested for an accurate diagnosis. If asthma is detected, we can discuss treatment and prevention options to make sure you and your loved ones are safe and healthy.