Allergy Skin Tests In Arizona

Allergy Skin Tests

Dealing with allergies can be frustrating and downright exhausting. Patients go through hundreds of boxes of allergy medication each year, hoping to find relief from the symptoms that occur when they come into contact with allergens of all kinds. If you want to get a more in-depth look at your health and pinpoint what allergens are causing your symptoms, visit Dr. Rishi at Arizona Allergy Associates clinic to get an examination from a trained allergist that can perform a skin test to determine what allergens you react to.

Allergies – What Are They?

When someone talks about having an allergic reaction, they are often referring to their reaction to certain allergens, or things that could cause allergies. Allergens range from animals and pollen to grass and dust. Dr. Rishi can help you determine whether or not you are allergic to anything in your environment by performing skin tests.

Skin Testing for Allergies

There are two different kinds of tests that can be performed in the office to determine your allergies: a prick test and an intradermal test.

Prick Test

When you get this type of testing done, a diluted allergen is applied to the surface of the skin using a very small device.

Intradermal Test

During this allergy test, a thin needle will be used to inject an allergen into the area just beneath the surface of your skin.

When either of these tests are performed, your allergist will wait about 15 minutes to see if you react to the allergens introduced to your body. If the area becomes red, itchy, raised, or swollen, then there are allergy antibodies attempting to fight off the ‘invaders’. However, if no reaction occurs, then you do not have a reaction to that particular allergen.

If you’re tired of dealing with constant allergies as the weather changes and new seasons bring new allergens, contact Dr. Rishi at Arizona Allergy Associates to get testing done. By doing so, you can determine what factors in your life are causing allergies and work on a plan to limit or eliminate your exposure to these allergens. Call now to schedule an appointment.