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    (Dr. Rahul Rishi)

Allergies can seem like a minor problem, but if you are affected by them chronically or intensely, you probably know that they can significantly hinder your daily life and well-being. Dr. Rishi, an allergist in Phoenix, AZ, is available at Arizona Allergy Associates to help you address these issues and find relief.

Conditions We Treat

As an allergy specialist in Phoenix, AZ, Dr. Rishi is qualified to treat a variety of conditions. The most common types of allergies are probably seasonal allergies (allergic rhinitis) and food allergies. At our allergy clinic in Phoenix, we can help you figure out exactly what triggers a reaction and how to either prevent or relieve the effects. Dr. Rishi is an experienced food allergy doctor who can provide testing to help you figure out what you may be reacting to. In addition to these types of allergies, our office can also treat skin allergies and reactions, including eczema, swelling, and hives. Drug allergies, insect allergies, and venom allergies can also be a problem, and patients should be aware of them as well as how to treat them. This immunologist near you can help you learn how to manage your allergy once it has been determined.

Who We Treat

At Arizona Allergy Associates, the allergy doctor near you in Phoenix, we provide treatment to adults and children. If your child is suffering from an allergic reaction and you are looking for a pediatric allergist near you who can provide caring and quality treatment, come visit us. It can be especially worrying or scary for children to have allergies or reactions as they may not understand what is happening, but our team will work to teach them about their allergy and how to manage it.

Our goal at Arizona Allergy Associates is to provide you with relief from allergies and help you enjoy your daily life. Make an appointment with us today for allergy relief.