Conditions We Treat

You can count on Dr. Rishi at Arizona Allergy Associates to help you get relief from uncomfortable symptoms of allergies and reactions that the body may experience. We provide treatments and help manage many health conditions and allergies, such as those listed below.

Allergic Rhinitis (Seasonal Allergies)

This is also commonly known as hay fever and occurs when the immune system reacts to allergens that are present in the environment. Symptoms are usually mild, such as sneezing or watery eyes.


Asthma is chronic, making it difficult for air to move through the bronchial tubes, which allow air in and out of your lungs. During an asthma attack, these tubes swell and tighten.

Frequent Sinus & Ear Infections

Ear and sinus infections are often confused for one another, but both can be a cause for concern. When ear or sinus infections are frequent or severe, damage can occur to the eardrum or sinuses.


Eczema is a term used to describe several different forms of swelling on the skin. It is also known as dermatitis, and it can result
in patches that are itchy, rough, and dry.

Hives (Urticaria)

Hives is a condition when the skin becomes covered in red bumps that are pale and swollen. They tend to appear suddenly and are a result of allergies or other unknown causes.

Swelling (Angioedema)

When a patient suffers from angioedema, there is swelling in deep layers of the skin. This swelling often occurs around the lips or on the face. Though this can be alarming, swelling is usually harmless.

Food Allergy

Food allergies are becoming more common, making it imperative to pay attention to the items you eat. Common food allergies include shellfish, wheat, tree nuts, and other potential allergens.

Eosinophilic Gastrointestinal Disorders

While these disorders are rare, they can result in significant distress due to the persistence and discomfort symptoms cause.

Drug allergy

Certain medications can trigger drug allergies. Symptoms may appear anywhere from within minutes of taking the medication to a few hours, so be sure to note every new medication you start.

Insect/Venom Allergy

On top of allergens in the environment and in food, the body can react when it comes in contact with an insect. The venom present in different animals can cause allergic reactions that range from mild to severe.