Test Your Lung Function to Control Asthma

Test Your Lung Function to Control Asthma

The rapid and abrupt changes in the environment are responsible for various ailments in human beings. Apart from global warming or climatic changes, causing alteration in the niche of different animals, humans are also affected adversely.

In today’s scenario, air pollution is one of the root causes of allergies and lung disorders. Be it pollens or the particulate pollutants, dust mites or allergens that cause cough, congestion of the breathing tract, or even asthma.

Globalization has developed the world economy but has deteriorated the air quality that we breathe in. In most of the chronic raspatory diseases or asthma, the airway through we breathe in gets narrow due to inflammation and makes it difficult for breathing.

With the advancement of medical science, you can get the best treatment for asthma or allergies. Spirometry breathing test is the most accurate breathing test for asthma. This test measures the amount of air that you can breathe in or breathe out at a given time. It also ascertains how hard and how fast can you breathe out. The Spirometry breathing test measures the overall lung function.

Lung Disorder

The lung is one of the most vital organs of the body and is responsible for the exchange of oxygen and supplying oxygen to all the body parts and blood. If you are suffering from a lung disorder, you will find it difficult to breathe.

Frequent, persistent cough, shortness of breath, wheezing, fatigue, loss of muscle, and weight loss are some of the visible symptoms that imply you might be suffering from lung disease. Amongst all, asthma is the most common pulmonary ailment.

If you have asthma, the airways get narrowed, and you would experience it tight to breathe. Along with shortness of breath, some experiences chest pain or persistent coughs along with flu and cold. Although allergens are not wholly responsible for asthma, pollution worsens the state.

The lung procedures and tests in San Tan Valley have improved over the years. The availability of professional allergy and asthma specialists at San Tan Valley has made it safer for all. Now you do not need to worry in the middle of the night for treating an asthmatic attack.

Professional hazards also contribute to asthma. People working in mines, factories are exposed to prolonged pollutants that affect the pulmonary veins and the breathing tract. Chemical fumes, smoking, consumption of tobacco, pesticides, pollens, and particulate matter suspended in the air constitutes to choking of the trachea and breathing tract, making it difficult to breathe.

Pulmonary Function Test for Asthma

When you are diagnosed with asthma, the doctor would also check for family history. Often asthma is a hereditary disease and might be accompanied by allergies or a skin disease called eczema. After physical examination of the heart and lung, the doctor might also conduct allergy tests of the blood and skin.

Apart from the spirometry test, you might also go through the peak flow meter test. This test is conducted to ascertain how ell your heart can push the air out. The peak flow meter can also help you to keep track of the level of asthma or whether your body is responding positively to the treatment.

The exhaled nitric oxide measurement is a way to treat and diagnose asthma. This test measures the level of nitric oxide gas in your exhaled breath. If you have allergic asthma, the exhaled nitric oxide measurement test gives a clear interpretation of the severity of asthmatic attack and inflammation.


If you are diagnosed with allergic asthma, it is advisable to avoid polluted places. The asthma vaccine is also available. Staying in cleanlier and healthier rooms, devoid of dust mites and pollutants reduces the chances of lung disorder.

Once diagnosed with asthma, you should be careful of the asthma triggers and avoid them to minimize the athematic effects. You might get asthmatic attacks from smoking or dusting your house or from even being over fatigued. So, it is better to aware of the triggers and stays away from it.

The medicines for asthma are generally inhaled through a nebulizer. The inhalers must be appropriately used to obtain the best results. Asthma can be controlled by following the guidelines of the doctor.

Few simple breathing exercises and participating in sports or exercise strengthens the lungs and reduces the chances of lung disorder. If you are looking for lung procedures and tests in San Tan Valley, Dr. Rishi can help you. We at the Arizona Allergy Associates are here for you.